We Care About Sustainability

Based in Los Angeles and Rome, we focus on value creation along the sustainable mobility business

Our value:

Headquartered in Rome, Italy, with an office in Los Angeles, USA, we are an innovation-driven business consultancy focused on value creation along the sustainable mobility business.

We offer an integrated and comprehensive approach to respond to the market needs in the most effective way, from strategic thinking to project implementation, supported by innovative ideas and strong partnerships.

Our vision:

We are building a future where humanity can move from A to B on diversified SAFE and SUPERFAST electric transportation: scooters, bikes, super bikes, bicycles tricycles and quadricycles serviced by drones in case of emergency.


By using top performing electric vehicles with new batteries lithium solid state, or Graphene eventually in a couple of years.


By eliminating carbon from the atmosphere substituting all transportation carbon based with all electric transport on land and sea. Using aircraft with new synthetic fuels from Hydrogen, like we do with AERION SUPERSONIC JETS


By promoting the use of bigger and better scooters (Greenboy), super electric bikes and super E-bicycles for longer distances, more comfort and more safety.


1. SUV with drones for travel or police use or military use.
2. SUPER CARS for longer trips and longer autonomy
3. E-YACHTS and E ships for better transport on the 7 seas.
4. SUPERSONIC JETS using hydrogen synthetic fuels eating carbon out of the air

hypercar Bizzarri
Desert SUV car


The Greenboy is bigger and better than any other e-scooter. It has an oversized smoother ride because of suspensions. Its broader platform lets you stand with both feet. The powerful batteries gives you a range of 300 km (about 200 miles)

Super E-Motorbike

A very fast electric motorbike to replace the good old carbon fueled gasoline bikes. So we went for a very naked look. So naked that… there is no engine. It’s inside the rear wheel. There is no gas tank, nothing in between your legs. It’s powered by a high performance battery.

Super E-Bicycle

It’s a powerful double batteries and double autonomy for double pleasure, with a futuristic iconic design that captures attention because of its suspended wheels.


Manufactured by the Italian factory Picchio Scuderia Storica, the body shop of the famous Giotto Bizzarrini, the creator of the Ferrari GTO, the most expensive car in the world. We have now designed the new Bizzarri 818 supercar we will unveil in 2024.

Desert Car

The Hyper SUV designed for the desert of the Middle East regions and the African  regions, powered by an ultra-performing hybrid engine with electric four-wheels traction. A project ready to go in production, designed in Italy.





Global marketing consultations

Offered by Jean Pierre Le Calvez, former Global Marketing at Apple Inc, former HP Global Alliances and now consulting for the Bill Gates Foundation and also for us. Our first client, recruited by our CEO Maurizio Bizzarri, is Aerion Supersonic Business Jet Corp.

VIP Services at global events

For events like the F1 Monaco Grand Prix, the Wimbledon tennis Cup, the Silverstone Grand Prix, the 24 Hours LeMans and Ascot are available through our partnership with HASTA of London.

Digital Marketing

In partnership with Movantia, an award-winning strategy consulting firm with a deep experience within marketing, branding and innovation. Our range of services are dedicated to companies that want to shape their digital needs

Green Projects

Providing a positive change through attentive analysis, reporting and full project lifecycle management while tracking, delivering and reporting against your sustainable deliverables and overall strategy


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